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He never even got the chance to speak his mind
until his rage had made him blind
They never ever felt that he did feel
although to him his pain seemed real
Why didn't they accept him like he was
noone ever ignored the fuss he caused.
The boys took his dreams and happiness away
never left him alone just for a single day
Now parents ask god any night while lying in bed
what was going on in that cruel monsters head?

He woke up wishing he was dead
but he had to live in sorrow instead.
He woke up wishing someone would care
to guard the soul that he would bare
He fell asleep thinking he was going to die
all his dreadful memories made him cry
He fell asleep with tears in his eyes
his aching heart made him wanna rise

She didn't even know that boy that well
until she tripped and then she fell.
His gun pointing at her he would drone
his anger supported by a deadly frown
"You are like all the others here -
at first you are mean and then theres your fear"
She begged,she cried
she ran - but died!

The path he went was covered by snow
and blood was dripping from his cloak.

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